Get to know ya boy-

My name is AJ the Dread. Born Anthony R. Jones II Omaha, NE.  I enjoy exerting all of my energy into every single performance.

I can remember as far back as 4-5 years old when Beastie Boys were my favorite at the time. Then, I was 16 when I pirated a program to make beats. From there it was only up. I fell in love with the music and made a tape full of some original beats. Soon after I freestyled in a car with a buddy and realized I was a writer.

 I did not intend on doing any of this but my personal friends became fans and the fans grew. When I get off stage they always ask me “AJ, what’s next?”

 I consider myself to be an “outside the box performer” When I write, I picture how the crowd will react to, not only what I am saying but the way I say it and my presence on stage. I love to interact with fans and make them enjoy themselves even if they don’t want to. Mixing the elements of delivering pristine hip-hop lyrics while injecting a “move your body” twist.

I am constantly working on new music and collabs with the other artists on my label, Rasta Free Entertainment, and designing new pieces for the AJ The Dread clothing line. Sign up for the email club for all the updates.